My Approach

“…real health remains in the realm of the soul “

Heilkunst and Homeopathic Medicine  ~  Nutrition  ~  Movement

My own health journey led me first to Heilkunst, then to the new art of eurythmy. From my own experience, I realize that for the evolution of our modern consciousness, health must address these two aspects of life— science and art have to meet, which is the Romantic basis of our health and our creative power. 

I offer a unique approach to health that is both scientific, lawful, and artistic. A special health program for you would include any one or all three components: 

  • Heilkunst Homeopathy treatment,
  • individualized Unique-YOU Regimen program, and
  • Healing Movement sequences to enhance the whole healing experience.

Together we will remove deep emotional blockages, strengthen general immunity, and improve the overall fulfillment of life with healthy body and mind, awakened soul forces and new self-unfolding capacities.

I work internationally, helping people of all ages with a wide range of health issues. The usual HCH Family Discount applies for those seeking greater health for the whole family. (See Treatment details.) 

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.09.48 AMBook your first appointment at the  Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst!

My Heilkunst practitioner training at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst includes Dynamic Physiology, Dynamic Philosophy, Goethean’s worldview, Dr. Hahnemann’s complete medical Heilkunst and homeopathy, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Herb-Drug Nutrient Interaction, Dynamic Regimen (Nutrition-Hydration-Recreation-Dormition), and more. (See more about the training at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.)

It was during my training to become a Heilkunst health practitioner that I first came upon Rudolf Steiner’s work on human physiology and development. His writings comforted my soul during those difficult years of my struggle when I was entering into the consciousness soul phase of my life. I read all his art lectures that I could find.

“In movement, the will is strengthened”

–I read in his lecture about art and eurythmy. That sentence somehow like a dove landed on my shoulder and the Spirit descended upon me. Soon I found myself in eurythmy training at the school of Eurythmy Spring Valley.  Through the in-depth four-year full-time training, my whole being was awakened through eurythmy movement, to colors, to the spatial changes, relationship dynamics and conscious health of the whole being. Together with my Heilkunst practice, I know that my unique work is in the realm of the soul. My soul is a meeting place of the art of healing – Heilkunst and the art of eurythmy.

“…real health remains in the realm of the soul –Rudolf Steiner”

Every one of us lives a life to accomplish something unique. One of my unique tasks is to work in the realm of the soul for better health and creativity flow.  My work with both Eurythmy and Heilkunst is to help people (myself included) to consciously work with the life of the soul, to gain better health and to bring out the unique creativity within each one of us. The ultimate goal of eurythmy work is to unite the truth felt within the soul and the expression of the truth into the world – the inner movement and the outer movement are one. 

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do –Rumi” 

Science, art, and traditional wisdom together help you to remove blockages and to embark on your unique path to optimal health. Achieve Radiant Health and Freedom of Movement, naturally and spiritually!

Heilkunst: Whole-Health Treatment

Unique-YOU Regimen: More than Whole-Food

Eurythmy: Whole-Being Movement

Contact me to find out how you may enjoy better health and freedom of movement! Thank you! 


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