Eurythmy: the new healing movement for our time

What is Eurythmy?

Eurythmy [you-r-ee-th-m-ee] is the art of movement originated from the soul. In eurythmy, the whole human being comes into conscious expression through visible singing and speaking. The art of Eurythmy began in 1912 in Europe. 

What can Eurythmy do for you?

Regular eurythmy exercises can relieve everyday stress and improve health and vitality. Eurythmy is performed on stage (art), taught to children in Waldorf schools worldwide (pedagogy), used to overcome chronic illnesses (therapy), and brought to the workplace for better productivity and working dynamics (social).


How does Eurythmy work?

 Eurythmy4Everyone aims to bring eurythmy awareness and benefits to everyone, as an art, a meditation, an exercise, a social gathering, and a soul awakening and nurturing practice, to enable deeper and meaningful connections with oneself and with another. Contact me to see how eurythmy could better your health, creativity and life journey.

Eurythmy: the new healing movement for our modern consciousness…


Healing Movement sequences

Special movement sequences from the formative and healing movement of eurythmy can be chosen for your unique health condition and personal makeup. These movements are gentle, supportive, natural to the whole moving human being within.

They can relieve stress, improve circulation, digestion, sleep, and capacity to relate to other, and overall health and unfolding. And it is absolute fun and beautiful as it has the sounds of language (which can be your native tongue) at its foundation. 

Learn more at and find out how you may improve your health, express your creativity and enjoy the beauty of expressive artful movement at the same time! Ask a question.

  • Eurythmy Exercises for Personal Health
  • Eurythmy Exercises for Creativity
  • Eurythmy Workshops for Groups
  • Eurythmy Performance for Artistic Events

Contact me to find out how you may enjoy better health and freedom of movement! Thank you!