Heilkunst Homeopathy

What is Heilkunst Treatment?

Heilkunst is the art of healing based on the complete medical system founded by the German physician, Dr. Hahnemann (1755-1843). Part of this system is well-known as homeopathy, which is widely used in health practice in many countries such as Germany, England, France, and Switzerland.

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What can Heilkunst Treatment do for you?

Heilkunst treatment can improve health for children and adults by removing accumulated physical and emotional traumas such as accidents, injuries,  loss, and vaccination shocks, etc. The treatment works at the subtle energetic level and can improve recovery from surgery and drug treatment.

Many illness conditions (chronic respiratory diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, pneumonia, digestive problems, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, allergies, weight problem, …) can be overcome with regular Heilkunst homeopathy treatment and better health achieved at all levels of our being.

In fact, with regular Heilkunst treatment, one can avoid many acute and chronic illnesses, or so-called old-age conditions, maintain a healthy weight and body density, and enjoy much better health!  Contact me to find out how to enjoy better health and freedom of movement! 

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Learn more about Heilkunst treatment at the Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst

How does Heilkunst Treatment work?

After an initial consultation, homeopathic remedies and comprehensive customized regimenal advice (nutrition and lifestyle) are provided to address specific complaints and to improve overall health. Monthly follow-up treatment is recommended. Online consultations are available for anywhere in the world via Skype, phone, or email. Remedies are included with the consultation fee and are safe for children and adults with no chemical side-effects.

Heilkunst treatment is the perfect way to better life-long health for children, adults, and seniors.

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Hahnemann Center/Clinic/Trust for Heilkunst (HCH) was established in 1998 and the Center for Romantic Science was established in 2014, in responding to the large demand for natural, safe, and scientific health alternatives. 

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