Unique-YOU Regimen


Individualized Regimen Program for the unique you! 

The Individualized Regimen Program is created especially for you, given your current health challenges and emotional state, while not following any one particular diet, many principles from these diets (Glandular, Blood Type, Metabolic, Thyroid, Paleo, Raw, etc) have been incorporated. 

Your regimen program also includes the understanding of minerals, plants, and animals as the manifestation of the earthly and cosmic forces. Therefore different parts of the plant or animal food might be considered for your optimal health. For example, the root vegetables calm the nerves while the fruits support the reproductive system and the leaves improve the glandular and rhythmic system. 

Your unique regimen program will cover the 6 key elements:

Hydration ~ Nutrition ~ Movement ~ Rest ~ Sun ~ Air

Dynamic Regimen

The overall principle for regimen is fresh, clean, whole, with the highest level of life force, supporting body, mind, soul and spiritual unfolding. 

Hydration: Water and beyond. High-quality means better structure of water, which means more hydrating and health-improving. Hydration is the most important element for all health goals. 

Nutrition: Vegetarian or animal food? Raw or cooked? Fasting or not? Liquid or solid food? Many questions are to be discussed in order to promote your optimal health in all aspects of your being! 

Movement: Movement is the origin of Life. However, what kind of movement and activity is best for you who are continuously changing and developing? If we don’t eat the same as when we were babies, shall we keep on doing the same type of exercises when we are 55 as when we were 25? Every 7 years we go through a whole level of growth and change from our cells, our skin, muscle, and bones, to our soul forces! Find out the right movement that has your optimal health as the goal, not what’s the most popular as promoted commercially! 

Rest: When we sleep, our body is busy with activities to re-build and heal at all levels. That’s why doctors most often order is to rest! But it seems that our typical modern lifestyle has everything against a good night sleep. Learn how to have the restful sleep for your overall health goal and enhance your work productivity and creativity. 

Sun: All creatures on the earth give thanks to the Sun for their life. We human beings not only have the Sun out there but also carry the internal Sun which gives us the power of thinking. As one becomes healthier within, one can also better match up the outer intensity of the Sun. The health-giving benefits of the Sun are innumerable, from bone health to skin, and to healthy function of the internal organs and to your sleep routine. 

Air: We are a being of all elements–earth, water, air, and fire. We all know air is crucial and without it, we die within minutes. Besides the extreme case of life and death, we often do not pay much attention to the air, except when the quality is noticeably poor. Yet breathing is an indication of how we relate to the world around us. The health of rhythmic system depends on a healthy relationship between the inner and the outer. Air-breathing-relating cannot be separated. The mouth-breathers not only get poor-quality air but also their health is adversely impacted upon, including the malformation of teeth. 

Working side-by-side with the Heilkunst treatment addressing the deeper diseases and emotional issues, you will find the regimen program easy to maintain. It is not one of those quick diet tricks that you do for a while but can never truly keep! The Unique-YOU Regimen will become integrated into who you are and what you are becoming! It evolves as you continue to unfold. Individualized Regimen Program for the unique you! 

Contact me to find out how you may enjoy better health and freedom of movement! And healthy and delicious eating for the rest of your life! Thank you!