I felt blessed to be part of the group and to learn some basics about this art form (eurythmy), of which I had no previous experience.  I enjoyed what felt like moving and breathing with my whole body- not just my head or my legs, and feeling the music within my body.  I also appreciated being able to…


Your class was such a wonderful experience! I experienced such beautiful, graceful and playful movements that helped me to feel the child within, to feel the feminine, and to feel my soul.  I experienced these movements both as an individual and with the group. Your teaching method was gentle and warm and encouraged us to…


“I continue to be delightfully amazed at the changes in my being (body, mind and spirit) brought about by the remedies you have prescribed for me.  A joyful, lively peace permeates my being these days. For instance, with the lastest remedy for the 3 year old sense of abandonment with loss of the nursemaid.  I…


“This is the only thing that keeps my mind quiet, even Yoga doesn’t do it for me!” – Andrea (Eurythmy workshop participant, 2017)


“I really appreciate the dynamics of “communication” between sound, music, language, the spirit of the universe, our unique souls & personal movement!  Of course it was a plus that I was able to put aside all of my daily routine tasks or issues!” – Jan (Eurythmy workshop participant, 2017)  


“CoCo is evoking and engaging life forces in her teaching. She creates a safe space for healing and other miracles to happen. Thank you for your gift, CoCo.” – Kati (Eurythmy workshop participant, 2016)